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Digital Marketing & Communication for Fashion



Digital Fashion is requiring professionals to combine marketing, management, and visual design in order to foster a unitary strategy to build a new “customer-centric culture”. Thanks to an interdisciplinary perspective, the course will introduce the concept of digital narrative, focusing on the best practices of communication strategies in fashion and lifestyle. A strong focus will be given to digital marketing techniques, from the aspirational top-down approaches to the newest management of customer engagement strategies, influencers management and social media management, finalized to different relationships: business-to-business, business to consumer and consumer-to-consumer (social networks, e-commerce platforms, social shopping).

Key facts
End of registration: 10 February 2021
Next start: 12 February 2021
Duration: 6 part-time week-end
Course Language: English
Lectures schedule: part-time, Friday and Saturday

MFI Certificate provided, upon attendance and passing requisites

Dubai is not just one of the most important economic and financial capitals in the EMEA region, but it represents the most relevant contemporary evolution of the fashion phenomenon on a global scale. As Milan is portraying the most important “fashion capital” in Europe, thanks to its rich manufacturing history, based on the competences on ready-to-wear and licensing and the presence of the corporate headquarters of the most important Italian and international brands, Dubai has imposed itself since several years as the fashion capital for middle-eastern creativity, a global epicenter of the retail system addressed to the entire world, as well as the vibrant heart of the new digital fashion phenomena aimed at reaching new customers and Millennials starting from all the Middle-Eastern region, supported by the most important middle-eastern fashion institutions.



The Milano Fashion Institute's Courses aim to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and skills on the most relevant topics from a professionalized perspective thanks to the multi-disciplinary approach - a unique key value in the entire international context, with a solid high value for the job market. 



Each course is suitable for undergraduates, young graduates, professionals and young managers who wish to deepen the most characteristic themes of the Fashion System and find targeted and solid career opportunities in this sector.



The didactic model proposed in the courses of Milano Fashion Institute is innovative: not only in-class lectures, but also case studies and best practices, project works and laboratory activities. The course is based on the three main pillars:
_ DIGITAL FASHION MANAGEMENT, for the understanding of main managerial practices and strategies related to digital communication for fashion & luxury companies;
_ DIGITAL FASHION MARKETING, for the knowledge of the main techniques, tools, KPIS and best practices of marketing strategies applied to the industry;
_ DIGITAL BRANDING & DESIGN, for the understanding of the processes of branding and brand design applied to the digital fashion.



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