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Andrea Pomo
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Andrea is a bold optimist, able to make complexity simple, initiate organizational transformative processes and change status-quo to the best. He is a strong believer that a company's success is built upon his leaders ability to inspire and bring people together on meaningful work. He serves as Chief Operating Officer at Blackshape Aircraft, a global leader for high-performing, full composite, general aviation aircrafts, designed and manufactured in Italy. Before that he led operations for Borgo Egnazia and San Domenico Hotels, an Italian independent group considered a true excellence benchmark in the luxury hospitality sector. Previously he worked for Boeing, the world largest aerospace company, on the 787 Program, where he was involved in the production set-up and launching of all 3 models of the Dreamliner, covering leadership roles in Change Management, Operations, Industrial Engineering and Supplier Management. At the earlier stages of his career, Andrea had several experiences working abroad as Project Manager, including long term international assignments in Spain and Australia. Andrea holds an Executive Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctor Master of Law. He is qualified and experienced as lawyer and financial advisor. Andrea speaks fluently English, Spanish and Italian and he enjoys working in multicultural environments, leading high performing teams on challenging assignments, requiring a growth mind-set and authentic purpose-driven leadership.