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Carla Lunghi
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Carla Lunghi is Associate Professor in the Sociology of Culture at the Department of Sociology, Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Milan, where she teaches Sociology and Sociology of culture. She is in the Board of Advisors of ModaCult - Centre for the Study of Fashion and Cultural Production of the same University. She carries out didactic and research activities with attention to the themes of communication and material culture with particular attention to cultural industries-mostly fashion, food and design - and their interactions with urban transformations
and social inequalities as poverty, immigration, imprisonment. She has written the following books: Culture creole: Imprenditrici straniere a Milano (FrancoAngeli 2003); with E. Montagnini, La moda della responsabilità (FrancoAngeli 2007); Creative evasioni. Manifatture di moda in carcere (FrancoAngeli 2012); with L. Bovone (edts) Consumi ai margini, Donzelli Editore, Roma, 2009; with Trasforini M.A. (edts.) La precarietà degli oggetti. Estetiche ordinarie in contesti di povertà, Donzelli Editore, Roma, 2010; with L. Bovone L. (edts), Resistere. Innovazione e vita quotidiana, Donzelli Editore, Roma, 2017; with F. R. Rinaldi, M. Turinetto (edts.), What’s fashion? It’s method !, Egea, Milano, 2018; with L. Bovone (edts) Italia creativa. Innovazione, condivisione e sostenibilità, Donzelli Editore, Roma, 2020. Among her papers: with M. A. Trasforini Precarious objects, precarious lives. Grounded aesthetics in poverty contexts, in Journal of European Popular Culture, Vol. 3, N. 1, 2012; Eccentric Fashion: Prison and creativity, in International Journal of Fashion Studies, Vol. 1, N. 2, 2014; Fashion between culture and innovation in the age of web 2.0, in C. Lunghi, F.R. Rinaldi, M. Turinetto (edts.), What’s fashion? It’s method !, Egea, Milano 2018.