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Fabio Campana
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Fabio Campana is the CEO and partner of Lanificio dell’Olivo SpA, a leader in the production and sale of fancy yarns. He began operating in the textile sector with his arrival in the Prato company in 2017, following the purchase of the same by the investment fund Gradiente Sgr. He promoted and led the transformation from family to managerial reality, up to the new transfer of ownership in 2020 to the Milanese fund Ethica Global Investments, joining himself with the current top management in the company structure. From his arrival in the fashion world he immediately became passionate about the topic of sustainability, and today Lanificio dell’Olivo is the spinning mill with the largest number of certifications in this area and it is recognized as a reference on the market. A graduate in Business Administration, Fabio previously held managerial roles for several years in American electronics multinational and then worked as a manager in various companies in multiple sectors.