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Francesca Valan
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Francesca Valan is industrial designer, specialized in the design of colors, materials and finishes (CMF Design). She graduated in Industrial Design at the IED in Milan in 1989 and received her Masters in Surface Quality in 1990. From 1990 to 1998 she collaborated with Clino Castelli in color design projects in Europe and Japan, and with Jorrit Tornquist in color projects for architecture. She lives and works in Milan, where in 1998 she founded her own studio. As an Industrial Designer, her activity consists in defining Product Identity. Her projects range from elevators to office furniture, from home appliances to sport items, pens, glasses etc. She has collaborated with De Longhi Group, Lechler, Kone, ABB, Samsung, NEC, Telecom Italia, LG, Hitachi, Lego, Artsana, Britax, Olivetti, Aigle, Koflach, Atomic, Techogym, Magis, Arthemisia, Serralunga, Fila, Campari, Stilnovo, Nankai, Daikin, Oikos Venezia, and many others. She developed a method of prediction of trends based on historical and statistical analysis of color by market sector, which exploits the periodicity of color preferences and the duration of cycles for product type.