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Gianluca Carella
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A PhD candidate with a background in Product Service System Design and Management Engineering, his research focuses on how design can support companies in creating innovation, including overcoming barriers that companies may encounter in adopting design thinking. At the same time, he is working on projects related to entrepreneurship, supporting start-ups in combining the design and business and understanding the role of design within technology start-ups. He is currently collaborating with the Design Department of the Polytechnic University of Milan where he works as a designer and researcher involved in European research projects (Horizon 2020, Interreg, Erasmus+). His main research topics are Design Thinking, Strategic Design, Service Design, Design Management, and Entrepreneurship. In recent years, Gianluca has taught subjects related to his research activities both at the School of Design - Polytechnic University of Milan and at the POLI.Design Consortium.