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Lorenzo Noè
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In 1993 he founded his own studio in Milan which, during the thirty years of activity, has created projects for every scale of intervention and typology - including private houses, hotels, schools, hospitals, urban and landscape developments. His career occurred at the same time of the massive use of computers in design activities, so Lorenzo Noè is naturally curious about technological developments that offer new possibilities to design. In the 2000s, the studio's works, due to their theoretical approach to virtual architecture, were selected for international exhibitions such as Less Aesthetic More Ethics at the Venice Biennale and the Far Eastern Prize Virtual Architecture in Taipei. The approach to technology - including 3D modelling - is that of the designer who must be able to seize the opportunities that technological innovation can offer not only in representing, but also in conceiving spaces and objects, rather than that of a specialist in the use of software. Lorenzo Noè has been a teacher a didactic coordinator for twenty years, for public and private institutions, where he is professor of Architectural Theory and Urban Design, he has held conferences for the Order of Architects of Milan and other Italian public institutions.