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Marco Aurelio Sisti
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Professor at SDA Professor of Marketing and contract professor at Bocconi University and LUM University. Marco also teaches marketing and sales management in graduate and post graduate programs at UAB – Universitat Autonoma de Barcellona. He has collaborated with the University of Kuopio (Finland) and Federico Santa Maria (Chile). Director of several national and international executive training programs. Has been director of the international Channel & Retail Academy of SDA Bocconi, currently responsible of the Sales & Retail Management Program at MAFED (Master in Fashion & Design) and Sales Management program at EMMS (executive master in marketing and sales in partnership with ESADE School of Management). Marco is also head of the executive’s Marketing Community at SDA Bocconi. His main area of interest are in Marketing, Sales and Retail management. The main industries he has worked with are fashion, FMCG, health care, manufacturing and various services. Contract Professor at Milano Fashion Institute.