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Matteo Ward
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Matteo Ward studied International Economics at Bocconi University and Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge. He is today the CEO and co-founder of WRÅD, innovative start-up and design company dedicated to sustainable innovation and social change, winner of the Best of the Best RedDot Design Award, finalist at the Green Carpet Challenge Awards and included in the ADI Design Index 2019. Prior to co-founding WRÅD he pursued a 6-year career with Abercrombie and Fitch where he covered the roles of Senior Manager in Germany and co-chair of the A&F Global Diversity and Inclusion Council. Matteo is also a member of Fashion Revolution Italia and Curator & Creative Director of WSM-White Milan. He is often called as a public speaker at international forums, including the United Nations (UNECE framework on traceability), TEDx talk, WIRED Digital Day, Fashion Tech Berlin and Fashion Sustain Berlin.