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Maura Di Mauro
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She is a very passionate Intercultural, Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability Trainer and Consultant; certified GDEIB Assessor and Practitioner, and one of the Intercultural Cities Network’s Expert Consultant.
She enjoys working in international and multicultural environments, and to support people and organizations to develop their intercultural and global sustainable leaderships skills, and to co-design customized intercultural and DEI training programs and strategies. She works with different organizations in different sectors, in person and remotely, developing didactical activities and tools, such as games, videos, MOOCs. In the Fashion & Retails industry she has worked for important brands such as Tod’s, Versace, Puma, Index-Zara, Nike. She is lecturer of Intercultural Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and for several other universities, at Bachelor, Master and PhD courses. She is author of several publications, which include books, articles, reports; she is involved in international research activity on topics of her interested; and in teachers’ intercultural training programs, for embracing intercultural educational practices and for the internationalization of higher education. She uses Italian, English and Spanish as working languages. Nowadays she lives in Milan, Italy, the city she considers an international hub. For educational and working reasons she lived in the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Malta, Kuwait, USA.