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Maurizia Botti
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Contract Professor at Politecnico Milano. Innovation Manager and R&D Consultant in Technical and Fashion Textiles Field. Project Leader in several patented researches and projects. Consolidated experience in management of operative teams addressing complex problems and issues. Expert in resource management and division of work program with the scope of achieving objectives and creation of effective synergies between company entities. In parallel with the research activity for innovation of materials, a strong experience has been consolidated in the management of projects and operational teams, by addressing complex problems, from design to the technological innovation in the fashion industry. Considerable knowledge and consolidated application of fabric products, from fibre to the final product, by means of the correct application of the various threads chosen according to the performance requirements. Knowledge of nanotechnologies and their application for the purpose of obtaining innovative and high performance solutions to improve comfort. Speaker at the NanotechItaly fair 2010 and 2012 with the papers “ Key Factor of development” and “Nanotechnology as Extra-Driver for Innovation”.