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Paolo Naldini
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Paolo Naldini has a degree in Economics from the University of Turin with a thesis - in connection with the University of Architecture - on the regeneration of abandoned buildings and spaces. After work experiences in Italy and abroad, he returned to Italy to join his in-laws Pistoletto in the large Cittadellarte family in 2000 with his wife Armona. With a thing for writing, in the early 2000s he founded a web platform dedicated to exploring creative collaboration in storytelling of places and in places and the project of innerist photography, a tool to express and to grasp the forms, the ways and the degree of integration between the self and its context. He is the director of Cittadellarte where, among other things, he founded the Art of Demopraxy project, the system of practicing active presence as member of any single organisation a person is part of - from any sort of couple to all kinds of enterprises, associations, institutions - and at the same time perform connective visions and actions as people (demos). Demopraxy is based on the acknowledging that power (cratòs) is enacted by the people as impact generating decision-making rather than delegation. The Art of Demopraxy experiments with a social design prototypical methodology and a mythopoetical narrative whereby all components of societies participate concretely in performing government. He speaks at international conferences and seminars on the themes of art and culture, and writes for specialized and general publications.