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Valentina Rognoli
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Valentina Rognoli is Associate Professor in the Design Department at Politecnico di Milano. Here, she studied and began her academic carrier focused on Materials for Design. She has been a pioneer in this field, starting almost twenty years ago and establishing an internationally recognized expertise on the topic both in research and education. 
She is head of DIY-Materials research group at Polimi. She also co-directs the Materials Experience Lab, an international research group acting at the intersection of product design, materials science, social sciences, and engineering with a transdisciplinary approach to materials for Design.
At present, her research and teaching activities is focused on pioneering and challenging topics as DIY-Materials for social innovation and sustainability.
She developed the Material Designers (MaDe) project co-funded by Creative Europe, devoted to the positive impact designers can have across the circular economy.
She is one of the editors of Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design (2014) and Materials Experience: Expanding Territories of Materials and Design (2021). Moreover, She the author of over 50 publications.