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4th Edition
In collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

How a luxury fashion product can be sustainable? In the PSM Master, you’ll find all knowledge, competences and analysis tools need to define and to recognize a sustainable product-service system for a luxury Italian market.
If it is true that the sustainability concept is not a temporary trend, in the contemporary, it’s a realistic approach to design and to create a new individual and collective corporate behavior, related to the surrounding world. 
In fashion, we can define this as a real strategic asset in which to invest and on which to investigate tools and working methods in order to be able to manage a product/service system and process complex and sustainable.
The aim of the Master is to update and deepen tomorrow’s managers what are the pillars inherent in the meanings of sustainability, the laws and regulations, the design approaches and the communication analysis tools so that it can lead the luxury fashion company to a greater awareness of its responsibility on the market.

The goal of the Master is to provide the knowledge, skills and analytical tools necessary to the definition and recognition of a system-product-service system and sustainable process for luxury fashion.

The Master Course is completely in English.
During the whole course an Italian - English bilingual Teaching Assistant will be available for both Italian and foreign students.

Key facts
Director: Prof. Giovanni Maria Conti 
Corporate Relations and Coordination for Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana: dr. Paola Arosio, dr. Chiara Luisi
Vice Director: Prof. Martina Motta

Welcome day: January 19, 2024
Orientation week: January 22-26, 2024
Ceremony and lectures’ start: January 29, 2024
Lectures' end: October 18, 2024
Internship: starting from October 2024
Duration of the Master: 1 year, 60 credits, 1200 hours
Location: BY PRESENCE on campus, Milano, and part of the lessons at the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Piazza del Duomo 31, Milano. It's possible to attend the Master by distance too.

All the Milano Fashion Institute's Masters are first level University Masters, accredited by the Polytechnic of Milan, School of Design. All the Masters will release 60 university credits (CFU, i.e. "crediti formativi universitari"). 



Innovative multidisciplinary activities characterize our Masters, thanks to the teachers of the most important universities in Milan and successful professionals of the Fashion System. These activities are divided into Introductory Courses, Pillars, Specialized Courses, Company Visits & Study Tours.



The theoretical training in the classroom alternates wisely with practical activities and in the field, leading to the achievement of a fundamental objective: the acquisition of specific methods and techniques to face the world of work.



Our Calendar is available in this section, inclusive of all the details necessary to understand the expected teaching commitment.



The important Empowerment activity aims to train professionals in the sector ready to enter the world of work in the best way. Milano Fashion Institute, with its targeted courses, makes possible and concrete the personal and professional growth.



Thanks to the great network of Companies, consolidated over the time, Milano Fashion Institute offers its students numerous opportunities for professional internships, offering them the best Placement service.



Transversality and multidisciplinarity are the keywords for the Professional Figures formed by our Masters, declinable according to the chosen specialization. Lifestyle, Product, Communication, Business or Sustainability?



The "hybrid" nature of the figures formed by Milan Fashion Institute Masters is an added value. At the end of the training course, you also acquire the fundamental ability to be "intermediaries" between the various professional figures that compose the company organization chart.



International classes and the importance of the interaction between the various nationalities and cultures, for a better ability to manage the professional processes of the future.



Thanks to our proposals, finding the ideal accommodation is easier!



The national and international Junior profiles that compose our Masters come from many different countries. This favors the learning process and leads to the development of the skills necessary to enter the world of work.

Daria Martelli
Sustainability and Circular Design consultant, Founder of Noovola

The Master in Product Sustainability Management gave me the chance to look at the fashion industry with a new focus and most importantly it provided me with the knowledge to build an innovative approach that, based on principles of sustainability and the circular design, can transform the existing strategies and enable positive changes at any level of the industry. The experience of all the professors and experts that I had the chance to meet during my Master's inspired me in how to reshape my professional path.
Today I am a partner of a Norwegian Startup with a design and development hub in Florence, creating an ecosystem of stakeholder-based on circular economy structure with a focus on women empowerment and the use of secondary raw materials.
I am co-founder of a kidswear accessories brand with a focus on finding solutions to two of the most hazardous practices of the fashion industry which are the over-production and the short life cycle of products.
I also teach Fashion Design at the Accademia Italiana in Florence, as I strongly believe that, the new generation of designers should have embedded in their creative mindset, the principle of sustainability and circular design. 

Soft Accessories Product Development, Moncler

I have always been interested in fashion but, during my studies, I discovered how polluting and perilous the fashion industry is for our planet. Since I've started being aware of this issue I decided to try to do something, even little, in order to improve the current fashion system. Here comes Milano Fashion Institute with the Master in Product Sustainability Management. I found out about this pioneering Master's course and I thought it can be the perfect match to combine my passion and my desire to change something. 
MFI allowed me to deep-dive my knowledge into sustainability practices and policies applied to the fashion industry and nowadays I try to apply what I learn day by day in my work as a product developer at Moncler. 
Besides the technical knowledge, at MFI I've also improved fundamental soft skills as the capability to work in a team, relate with people with different backgrounds, and to share my ideas in a multicultural environment!