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In the world of Fashion,
three weeks make a difference.

Short courses: Milano Fashion Institute’s intensive formula to give your career a boost.

Sometimes a single insight is enough to change your career forever: those who work in fashion know this well. A new idea is all you need to give a new direction to your next collection, but also to your work: if you want to give a turn or a direction to your career, MFI fashion courses are the ideal tool to enhance your skills, specialising in a short time and refining the tools and knowledge you will really need once you enter the Fashion System.

The MFI fashion courses are dedicated to graduates, undergraduates, young managers, professionals and young entrepreneurs, and are designed to unveil the mechanisms of the Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle world from a working point of view.
Just like our Master’s courses, all Courses offer meetings with high-profile teachers and real specialists in the field, and include case studies, project works, company visits and, in the last part, career guidance sessions, in order to get the most out of the course. MFI is in constant dialogue and collaboration with all the main Italian fashion houses, and with the professional realities that revolve around them. This is why having an MFI certificate is one of the best ways to accredit oneself as a professional in the world of fashion and luxury.

You can find out more about MFI and our approach to training by clicking here.