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It's not just a figure of speech: Milan Fashion Institute's Master's degrees are highly specialized and set you on different paths in the world of fashion and luxury. They are usually the last educational step for our students, who, once they graduate, launch their professional careers. 

That is why it is important to choose one's Master's program consciously, finding the one that best suits one's aspirations among the different types of programs and possible careers.

The Milan Fashion Institute orientation program exists precisely to help you make this choice, guiding you in understanding the roles and possible paths in the world of Fashion, a world which, as you will see, operates according to rules and languages all of its own. Through the orientation days you can have a 1-to-1 orientation interview with the Head of Academic Affairs, meet Faculty Members and Alumni, and take the opportunity to visit our campus. All this in person, by meeting us in our office, or remotely through remote interviews. 

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