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For which Masters is it possible to apply for a scholarship?
Scholarships are available equal to € 8,250 (exemption from the payment of the III, IV installments and from the payment of half the V installment, worth € 1,650) which cover half the economic value of the Masters, for the Masters in Fashion Direction 2023: Brand & Product Management; Brand & Business Management; Brand & Communication Management; Brand & Lifestyle Management.

How does it work?
The attribution of scholarships takes place before the beginning of the course, considering both income and merit criteria, by the Academic Commission. The admission to the Master is independent from the grant of any scholarship.

How to apply?
The application form for scholarships is included in the "Application Form" of each Master, and it is downloadable from this site, under the page "Apply". Once you have submitted the Application Form, the Academic Commission will decide, during periodic evaluation sessions, the possible attribution, with notification of the result by the beginning of the course. For any further information, please read the rules inside the module.

To whom are the scholarships aimed?
The scholarships are aimed at both Italian citizens and foreigners who wish to attend the Masters of the Milan Fashion Institute.

By when to apply?
The application for scholarship should be submitted by the deadline of enrollment of the Master. For the Masters 2023, the deadline is November 30, 2022.