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Starting from what has always been a personal interest, cultivated for years, I arrived at Milano Fashion Institute with the intention of looking at the world of fashion from a new point of view, to know and understand its mechanisms and specificity: to develop in-depth knowledge of one sector as only fashion can be, where business and creativity come together and interact towards a common goal.

And so it was. The six-months spent in the classroom have allowed me to become familiar with a 360° knowledge in fashion, in particular with the communication segment in which I specialized in taking care of team and individual projects, always functional to learn new and useful methods for the future, comparing them with stimulating colleagues and learning as much as I could from a rich faculty both personally and professionally. This Experience allowed me to get what I needed: those tools that could give me an extra key to consciously face the working world.

After six months in-class lectures, is the Internship’s time. My goal was always being to write and communicate fashion: from the beginning of the Master I tried to realize my dream. I then found my way starting the internship within the publishing house Class Editori with MFFashion newspaper, where I currently work after completing the internship.

A true experience across the board, that every day brings me to live the live fashion, constantly stimulating and fueling the passion that has moved me from the beginning.