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Studying the master in MFI, gave me the opportunity to discover fashion by living in Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. There, I attended to meetings, conferences, workshops and other events, of which I could participate and be involved in.
Also, in MFI, I have been surrounded by professors, professionals of the fashion industry, colleagues and friends from different countries and backgrunds but with the same passion: fashion.  So, there was an international environment from which I grow professionally but especially, from a personal point of view.

I am currently working in Bershka, INDITEX, in the Product Distribution Department. I am in charge of doing the Distribution of the Denim collection to all the Bershka stores.
In Bershka, I fulfilled my professional dream: to get a job in a fashion company and work in a creative and international environment. I am working hard and loving my job, and I am trying to learn and improve every day.