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MFI is a bridge between the student life and the professional life. You enter as a student willing to learn more about the fashion industry and to experience this field, and you end up being completely knowledgeable about that. Not only, thanks to all the learning methods provided, you also grow personally and professionally. Indeed, teamwork and dealing with people from different cultures enables you to develop your interpersonal skills. The preparation for the job world and the career days make you a more mature person, responsible for our future and choices. 

MFI not only gave the opportunity to learn a lot about the industry and its professions, but also to put in practice and develop your skills constantly thanks to teamwork, workshops, field projects, etc. Moreover, it provides significant connections to the professional world and gives you all the tools needed to enter it in a successful way. Now I am working on Bottega Veneta. This is a company based on values. Since the beginning I have always felt embraced by the people and the company itself. Being part of the Kering Group, Bottega Veneta is also very sensitive about topics such as Diversity and Inclusion.