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The whole time spent at MFI can be considered a 360 degrees experience since it conveys an in-depth studying path with the concrete presence of some of the Fashion and Luxury players, all surrounded by an international atmosphere.
Personally, the Communication Master helped me figure out both the various possibilities offered in terms of different careers and a specific knowledge of how to carry them out.

MFI played an important role during my interview, not just by preparing me for expressing my capabilities at best, but also by being already well known as a guarantee for its students.
For the time being, I’m working as Digital Account and Social Media Manager at New Media Agency, an amazing environment full of young talents dealing daily with a vast number of fashion brands.

My advice when it comes to job interviews is to always be spontaneous and true to yourself, believing in your abilities and background. Recruiters are all looking for people that are real, honest and able to challenge themselves positively and passionately.