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Danilo Freguglia
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He was born in Termoli, a small Adriatic town in southern Italy. He developed an interest in the world of art from a young age, particularly in photography, street art, and avant-garde artistic techniques. After completing high school, he enrolled in the Architecture faculty in Florence, where he pursued his studies and wrote a thesis on composition titled "Mondi Sommersi" (Submerged Worlds). During his academic journey, Danilo explored various aspects of digital representation and computer graphics, engaging in three-dimensional modeling and rendering. In May 2023, he moved to Milan to embark on a professional collaboration with the Vudafieri Saverino Partners studio. It was there that he delved deeper into artificial intelligence tools, with a focus on utilizing them for generating innovative images and graphic solutions. He continues to work at VSP studio, contributing to project communication through the most advanced artificial intelligence tools.