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Erica Arianna Scaglia
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A fashion and luxury digital expert, she started her academic journey with a Bachelor degree in Economics and Management at Università Cattolica and she then became a Bocconi Alumni empowered by a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management adding a solid strategic and data driven background to her digital communication approach. Over almost a decade she has gained expertise in the fields of digital marketing and digital PR first in the luxury segment at Louis Vuitton and Valentino mastering the peculiar mix of art and science embracing the digital world as it was developing. Her deep interest in constant innovation brought her to Amsterdam where she focused on social media marketing leading the social strategy for a massive premium fashion brand such as Tommy Hilfiger. Since then, she has never left the always changing world of social media marketing having global key roles at Ann Demeulemeester and then currently at Hugo Boss perfecting social strategy at different scales and for different target audiences. Still today what excites her the most is being able to match data with creative content, staying ahead of the curve and being always close to culture and its constant changes as the world of social media evolves and impacts everyone’s life.