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Francesca Anzalone
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From 2000 she's Founder and CEO of Netlife s.r.l. an Italian Company of Communication and Training specialized in online.

She's PR Manager of Holding, Multinational and International Insitutions, with specialization in Digital Culture and social impact, and digital accelleration startegies. Dhe works in the areas of Innovation, Beauty, Fashion, Art. She started teaching in 2000 at the Ca' Foscari, University of Venice: computer science for Languages and Language Sciences. She combines her academic career with that of entrepreneurship. She teaches also at Cattolica University in Milan, in the Media Planning Lab at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. In addition to her teaching activity at MFI. She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature with philological literary address. She is an expert in communication, Digital Publishing, Social Media e Digital PR; and author of volumes, essays and articles about Communication, eLearning and Digital and is contributor in numerous specialized publications. Her latest book is Press Office and Digital PR, the new Communication (in italian), after Communicate Online, the usability environement, e-Learning: Communicate and Train Online and and the lemma of Text in web site in The New Marketing & Communication Dictionary. She loves Blogging about communication and her Blog is