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Mara Rossi
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Mara Rossi holds a Ph.D. in Design and Innovation, a Master's Degree with honors in Design and Management of Products and Services, and a Bachelor's Degree with honors in Industrial Design for Fashion. She is the Lead Designer at imaginary institute, a creative design and tech consultancy. In her role, she also serves as Lead Mentor Design in the Apple Developer Academy at the University of Naples Federico II. In 2019, she earned recognition as an Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Certified Trainer, integrating cutting-edge Apple technologies into education. With over a decade of teaching experience, Mara excels in personalized learning experiences and curriculum design. Beyond education, she worked as a visual designer and consultant for entities in Italy and the UK. Her diverse contributions include teaching brand design and visual communication, tutoring for fashion trend courses, and researching and designing for the Ta-Camp project, promoting tailor-made menswear in Campania. Mara’s accomplishments include roles as an exhibition designer experience for a luxury fashion project 'HandIndustry: Innovation in Luxury Fashion in Campania' and as a designer and creative mind for 'Polo For Moda' (Fashion Centre of Competence). She organized international conferences, delivered presentations to both Italian and international press, and authored national and international publications in scientific papers and journals. Her expertise extends to workshops at Goldsmiths, University of London and educator training at the Instituto Europeo di Design. Mara has spoken at international conferences and was featured in books like "Diseñar para una era humanista," "Listening Design," and "Il Design per i processi di Innovazione.” More information: