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Pierluigi Perri
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Ph.D., he is a Lawyer head of the practice area Data Protection & Privacy of Chiomenti law firm and an Associate Professor in “Information Security, Privacy and Protection of Sensitive Data” and "Data Protection, Law and AI" at the University of Milan, and since 2017 he is Founder and Director of the postgraduate Course in “Data Protection and Data Governance” and “Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Platforms”. He is the Data Protection Officer of the University of Milan. He was co-rapporteur for the Council of Europe for the Expert Committee on “Human Rights Dimensions of Automated Data Processing and Different Forms of Artificial Intelligence” and Seconded Official at the Cybercrime Division of the Information Society and Action against Crime Directorate at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. He was Visiting Postdoctoral Associate at the Information Society Project of Yale Law School, Non-Residential Fellow at the Center for Internet and Society of Stanford University – Faculty of Law, Visiting Researcher at the Legal & Corporate Affairs Department of Microsoft Corp. in Redmond. His academic interests are focused on Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Cybercrimes and Computer Forensics. He is author of three books and numerous scientific papers concerning surveillance and fundamental rights, privacy and information security.