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Roberto Liberti
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Prof. Roberto Liberti, the trailblazing Director of the Master in Fashion Direction: Fashion Design & Management at Milano Fashion Institute.With a passion for style that runs deep, Prof. Liberti embarked on his remarkable journey in the world of design. He kicked off his adventure by acing his Bachelor's degree in back in 1996. Fast forward to 2000, and he emerged from the prestigious University of Naples Federico II with a Ph.D., showcasing his insatiable appetite for knowledge and innovation.His quest for fashion excellence took him across borders, forging impactful collaborations with revered institutions like Sheffield University and Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Armed with an architectural background, he's a driving force in the ever-evolving fashion industry. As the visionary founder and curator of the "FA.RE. Fashion Research Lab", he's at the forefront of pioneering fashion trends, setting the stage for the industry's future.But that's not all. Prof. Liberti goes beyond just research and development; he's a mentor extraordinaire, nurturing the next generation of style mavens through "FA.RE Talents." His students, since several years, became finalists of several international prizes, among which the Graduate Fashion Week, Milan, Italy.An eminent figure in the field, his scholarly pursuits have delved deep into the archives of renowned Italian fashion brands, and he's forged close-knit collaborations with the Italian Fashion Council and with an extensive experience of notable international collaborations. Currently, he's also a discerning judge in international fashion competitions, lending his expertise to shape the industry's future stars.Let's call him a style maestro.