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Lorenzo Morganti
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Lorenzo Morganti is architect. Lorenzo started his professional career at Renzo Piano’s construction site for the Auditorium in Rome. He designed childcare centres and developed the concept design for a chain of Italian beauty centres in China and Malaysia. For Politecnico's Department of Design he has developed several research projects dedicated to the retail sector and to product design (becoming co-inventor of an American and European patent). For Altagamma, he designed the architectural and interior design of the new concept food store Larte, in Milan city centre. He also designed several exhibitions, from the International prize Nest Award (Triennale Milano), to Italian Design and Crafts (Dhub Beijing); The Italian Beauty (VOD Dubai). Visiting professor at the Beijing Institute for Fashion Technology (BIFT) and Beijing Jiaotong University, he has taught Retail design - Visual Merchandising and Retail environments at the School of Design of the Politecnico and in several courses for professionals.