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Sabrina Donzelli
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She is an anthropologist and researcher interested in cultural innovation, from contents and projects conception to their development, integrating educational, training and editorial skills. She graduated from the University of Milano Bicocca with a Master in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, and from University IULM with a Bachelor in Public Relations and Communications. Two very different educational journeys, which led her to explore, intertwine and deepen studies and perspectives on contemporary cultures and corporate vision and heritage. The same interdisciplinary imprint is found in her professional career. An initial journey in the communication area, working for both international and national agencies, and then honing her press office and strategic communication skills by working in the arts and culture arena, as well as for non-profit associations and NGOs. Starting from 2002, she had been developing a broad experience in the area of research and analysis of socio-cultural trends. For nearly 20 years she had been working at Future Concept Lab, an international research and consulting company focusing on business innovation, socio-cultural analysis and trend forecasting. Here, she had strengthened her knowledge and expertise in research, consulting and training, both in Italy and Brazil. As Lecturer at several Design Institutes, Universities and Art Academies, she highlights an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, investigating the theoretical and practical contributions enhanced by the anthropological research to the understanding of contemporaneity. Co-founder of Fibra-studio an international project based in Italy, Brazil and Portugal. Since 2013 she has been collaborating with the broadcast “Focus on Trends” for the weekly program “Essere e Avere” (To Be and To Have) on Radio24.