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Saman Sarbazvatan
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Dr. Saman Sarbazvatan is an Industry 5.0 thought leader and he’s a professor and senior advisor of Technology Management and Digital and Responsible Innovation, Transformation, Strategy, and Competitiveness. He brings more than two decades of hands-on managerial and leadership experience in a wide range of industries across geographies and contexts. Working with investors and innovators from across the public and private sector institutions, his work is at the intersection of research, re/upskilling, advisory, and innovation, at the convergence of Digital and Responsible Transitions. He is the COO, Vice Dean, and Head of Programs and Instructional Design of École des Ponts Business School of École des Ponts ParisTech. In parallel, he is the Senior Advisor of Technology and Innovation at the Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) and Center for Policy and Competitiveness (CPC-Paris), external expert of Digital and Green Transition at the EU Commission, Chair of the European Chapter of Microeconomics of Competitiveness network of Harvard, Founder and Leader of Industry 5.0 Special Interest Group at MOC, and the Founding Director of ReTech Center of École des Ponts. Advocating Digitally Empowered Responsible Fashion and Luxury on prestigious and credible academic and industrial platforms and programs, he is passionate about driving innovation to promote the Digitally Empowered Responsible Economy of Industry 5.0.