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News Sept. 25, 2023

Presented by Maria Luisa Frisa, prominent fashion theorist, teacher, author, and curator, and Chiara Tagliaferri, known for her work on the iconic Morgana podcast, the event went beyond fashion's surface.

"Sailor" explores the profound impact of fashion on our lives, reminding us that it's about more than just clothing. The name itself holds various symbolic references like "Wild at Heart" and Sailor Moon. It even delves into the iconic striped sailor t-shirt, originally codified by Coco Chanel and reimagined by designers like Jean Paul Gaultier.

For MFI students, this panel offered valuable insights and inspiration. It emphasized that fashion is a tool for self-expression and personal freedom, encouraging them to challenge conventions.

The presentation left the students with a profound appreciation for the deeper meanings within fashion. As they embark on their own fashion journeys, they now have a newfound understanding of the industry's impact on their lives, thanks to the inspiring
voices they encountered during Milan Fashion Week.