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News Feb. 1, 2024

Milano Fashion Institute, as a guest at the "First High-end Brand Development Forum" in Shanghai, highlighted the crucial role of sustainable development for Chinese brands entering the international fashion arena. The forum, hosted by Yaok 108 - China High-end Brand Alliance, focused on the rise of Chinese brands in the high-end market, emphasizing the country's commitment to high-quality development.

The speakers discussed the national emphasis on cultivating competitive high-end Chinese brands, aligning with the government's strategic plans outlined in the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the "2035 Long-Term Goals". The central theme revolved around the importance of high-quality development in the current and future economic landscape.

With a focus on consumer trends, the discussion underscored the significance of respecting consumption improvements, diversifying products and services, and meeting the personalized needs of high-quality consumers.

The forum, supported academically by Milano Fashion Institute, aimed to explore contemporary themes and development paths for Chinese high-end brands.

Orietta Pelizzari, Milano Fashion Institute, shared insights on "New Points of Contact for Chinese Brands to Enter the International Fashion Field: Sustainable Development." Pelizzari emphasized the role of sustainable practices in the fashion industry, drawing on experiences from top international luxury brands to guide Chinese brands toward successful development.

The speakers discussed challenges and opportunities in the high-end market, encouraging Chinese entrepreneurs to unite and propel Chinese brands onto the global stage.
Yaok Group and Yaok 108 - China High-end Brand Alliance expressed their commitment to building a sustainable ecosystem for high-end brand development, aligning with clear objectives and a promising future.

Once again, Milano Fashion Institute positions itself at the forefront of global innovation for sustainability, being one of the only Fashion Education institutions to actively work for a concrete change.