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Fashion Buyer. Marketing Manager. Omnichannel Strategist.
Managing the business of a Fashion Company means to combine fashion marketing, fashion management and fashion retail. In the Master in Fashion Direction: Brand & Business Management more than one discipline will be merged, in order to train the most qualified and innovative professional figures who will be responsible of the business management in the world of fashion and luxury.
First step: studying the business models, their evolution, and their business strategies in the industry.
Second step: recognizing and studying the different retail and business channels, the underlying business logics and in their specific operations: from fashion buying and retail merchandising, to sales & digital management.
Third step: understanding the consumer and the relationships between different channels. From the analysis of customer’s behaviors and the influence of the sensory design and their lifestyles, until the omnichannel strategy and the digital integration.
Our objective: to put the consumer at the center, to create seamless experiences that connect all the different touchpoints, and to know how to identify and to generate and plan successful business and retail strategies.

The Master Course is completely in English.
During the whole course an Italian - English bilingual Teaching Assistant will be available for both Italian and foreign students.

Key facts
Welcome day: January 19, 2024
Orientation week: January 22-26, 2024
Ceremony and lectures’ start: January 29, 2024
Lectures' end: October 18, 2024
Internship: starting from October 2024
Duration of the Master: 1 year, 1200 hours
Location: BY PRESENCE on campus, Milano. It's possible to attend the Master by distance too.



Innovative multidisciplinary activities characterize our Masters, thanks to the teachers of the most important universities in Milan and successful professionals of the Fashion System. These activities are divided into Introductory Courses, Pillars, Specialized Courses, Company Visits & Study Tours.



The theoretical training in the classroom alternates wisely with practical activities and in the field, leading to the achievement of a fundamental objective: the acquisition of specific methods and techniques to face the world of work.



Our Calendar is available in this section, inclusive of all the details necessary to understand the expected teaching commitment.



The important Empowerment activity aims to train professionals in the sector ready to enter the world of work in the best way. Milano Fashion Institute, with its targeted courses, makes possible and concrete the personal and professional growth.



Thanks to the great network of Companies, consolidated over the time, Milano Fashion Institute offers its students numerous opportunities for professional internships, offering them the best Placement service.



Transversality and multidisciplinarity are the keywords for the Professional Figures formed by our Masters, declinable according to the chosen specialization. Lifestyle, Product, Communication, Business or Sustainability?



The "hybrid" nature of the figures formed by Milan Fashion Institute Masters is an added value. At the end of the training course, you also acquire the fundamental ability to be "intermediaries" between the various professional figures that compose the company organization chart.



International classes and the importance of the interaction between the various nationalities and cultures, for a better ability to manage the professional processes of the future.



Thanks to our proposals, finding the ideal accommodation is easier!



The national and international Junior profiles that compose our Masters come from many different countries. This favors the learning process and leads to the development of the skills necessary to enter the world of work.

WW Merchandise Planning, GUCCI

Thanks to the Master in Brand & Retail Management I was able to understand the logics underlying the fashion industry, to integrate the knowledge acquired during my degree course in economics and management and apply them specifically to fashion.
The study of disciplines that analyze the various areas ranging from design to management, without forgetting to mention the more financial and sociological arguments, allowed me to fill the gaps on the most creative part and to have a comprehensive overview to address the current job market.
The numerous contacts with companies allowed me to easily find an internship in order to insert myself into the working world. I have chosen the area of planning and production management: this area needs a continuous collaboration with various departments to coordinate activities.
I currently work in the WW merchandise planning office at Gucci; previously I worked at La Rinascente and Deborah Group.
The Master was an experience that gave me the opportunity to enrich and grow both personally and professionally thanks to the structure of the courses, to colleagues of different nationalities and teachers who have a great teaching and work experience.

Marketing & Communication Assistant, MONCLER

Milano Fashion Institute has contributed to my personal training giving me the opportunity to stay in an international environment and learning how to relate with people from all over the world.
I understand how this international context is essential in order to learn how to relate with people with different thoughts and cultures, in fact the teaching method is very practical and focused on what we will find into the working world.
This method allowed me to get prepared for the new and complex environment of the world of fashion: thanks to the valuable advices of the teachers, stress and difficulties are faced with a mature and correct approach.
Moreover, I was lucky to start my internship very soon, before the end of the lectures’ period: my role is to follow the Marketing and Communication Director, coordinate the various departments (Press, Events, Digital, Corporate Image) and collaborate in various projects of different areas.
At the beginning was six-months internship, subsequently they have interrupted the internship in order to hire me. Now my role is more defined and with more responsibilities that allow me to learn and grow both professionally and personally especially because I am still at the beginning of my career.


Marketing Assistant, DOLCE & GABBANA

During the past year I learned a lot at MFI: despites having a background not too much related to the fashion world, through the Masters in Brand & Retail Management I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge in the field thanks to the industry experts who have formed me and prepared to work.
Owe to their passion and their commitment, the success I have had during the various job interviews and especially with the decisive interview that made me get in touch with the real work.
Thanks to the concepts that I have learned during the Marketing lessons by Prof. Rinaldi, as well as those learned on a more conscious approach to the world of fashion during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, I had the opportunity to “open my mind” and give my contribution to the Company where I currently work as a Marketing Specialist. Without the Master in Brand & Retail Management none of this would certainly be possible.

Lily-Carla Sastre
Product Training Assistant, Saint Laurent

Milano Fashion Institute helped me to feel like I belonged to the fashion and luxury industry. The Master's helped me deepen my knowledge of management and prepared me to enter into a luxury Maison, now I work as a Product Training Assistant at Saint Laurent, a brilliant, surprising and creative company!
During your internship, remember to give your best so that your manager sees your potential and above all, help your colleagues, it can be useful in evaluating your teamwork skills.

Dasa Markuskova
Sales and Marketing, BLACK PR

Milano Fashion Institute gave me a lot of practical and useful knowledge for my work in the field of fashion. I appreciate the general heading of the Master, thanks to which we have employment  opportunities in different areas in the fashion industry. Team projects with short deadlines were the big challenges.
I work in the field of Sales and Marketing at Black PR, Friendly approach, flexibility, creativity brand.
For this job position I especially had to demonstrate skills in Microsoft Excel and InDesign. Very often we come across tasks with strict deadlines. Therefore it’s necessary to be effective and to know how to set priorities. You also have to be flexible because the priorities can change over the course of the day.
MFI is professionality, helpfulness, unique experience, I appreciated the approach of the professors and staff. They were always willing and helpful.

Margherita Gladiali
Commercial Home & Furniture Assistant, Bottega Veneta

MFI is a bridge between the student life and the professional life. You enter as a student willing to learn more about the fashion industry and to experience this field, and you end up being completely knowledgeable about that. Not only, thanks to all the learning methods provided, you also grow personally and professionally. Indeed, teamwork and dealing with people from different cultures enables you to develop your interpersonal skills. The preparation for the job world and the career days make you a more mature person, responsible for our future and choices. 
MFI not only gave the opportunity to learn a lot about the industry and its professions, but also to put in practice and develop your skills constantly thanks to teamwork, workshops, field projects, etc. Moreover, it provides significant connections to the professional world and gives you all the tools needed to enter it in a successful way. Now I am working on Bottega Veneta. This is a company based on values. Since the beginning I have always felt embraced by the people and the company itself. Being part of the Kering Group, Bottega Veneta is also very sensitive about topics such as Diversity and Inclusion.