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Brands have cultural identities and roots, which often come out from the products and the company’s technical expertise and craftsmanship, while in other cases it is the result of a careful brand strategy and communication architecture. The management and exploitation of this area are increasingly important for global competitiveness. In this area, professionals are required to possess skills in order to create value for the final customer and the different other targets of communication and marketing strategies, as well as being able to interact with all the segments of the pipeline from design and product management to marketing and retailing. 

As a matter of fact, companies are conceiving these roles as based on multidisciplinary competences and on the ability of interacting with various “cultural languages”, understanding the sophisticated different feelings, moods and approaches that different market segments and targets possess,with traditional and digital tools and channels.

Thus, the capability to translate this cultural D.N.A. and heritage into policy and managerial guidelines for the different processes involving brand positioning, advertising and marketing, communication and promotion is the next challenge that companies are facing.

Visual imagery, communication conception, digital management, layout design, events and press management are the founding pillars of this profession. Milan – the Italian capital city of communication – the ideal setting and a competitive edge for a comprehensive learning environment.

The Master Course is completely in English.
During the whole course an Italian - English bilingual Teaching Assistant is available for both Italian and foreign students.

Key facts
Director: Prof. Carla Lunghi
Vice Director: Prof. Silvia Mazzucotelli Salice
Start of registration: 15 February 2021
End of registration: 30 November 2021
Orientation day: 21 January 2022
Lectures’ start: 24 January 2022
Duration of the Master: 1 year, 60 credits, 1200 hours
Internship: starting from September 2022
Location: BY PRESENCE, Campus MFI, Milan

All the Milano Fashion Institute's Masters are first level University Masters, accredited by the Polytechnic of Milan, School of Design. All the Masters will release 60 university credits (CFU, i.e. "crediti formativi universitari").



Innovative multidisciplinary activities characterize our Masters, thanks to the teachers of the most important universities in Milan and successful professionals of the Fashion System. These activities are divided into Introductory Courses, Pillars, Specialized Courses, Company Visits & Study Tours.



The theoretical training in the classroom alternates wisely with practical activities and in the field, leading to the achievement of a fundamental objective: the acquisition of specific methods and techniques to face the world of work.



Our Calendar is available in this section, inclusive of all the details necessary to understand the expected teaching commitment.



The important Empowerment activity aims to train professionals in the sector ready to enter the world of work in the best way. Milano Fashion Institute, with its targeted courses, makes possible and concrete the personal and professional growth.



Thanks to the great network of Companies, consolidated over the time, Milano Fashion Institute offers its students numerous opportunities for professional internships, offering them the best Placement service.



Transversality and multidisciplinarity are the keywords for the Professional Figures formed by our Masters, declinable according to the chosen specialization. Lifestyle, Product, Communication, Business or Sustainability?



The "hybrid" nature of the figures formed by Milan Fashion Institute Masters is an added value. At the end of the training course, you also acquire the fundamental ability to be "intermediaries" between the various professional figures that compose the company organization chart.



International classes and the importance of the interaction between the various nationalities and cultures, for a better ability to manage the professional processes of the future.



Thanks to our proposals, finding the ideal accommodation is easier!



The national and international Junior profiles that compose our Masters come from many different countries. This favors the learning process and leads to the development of the skills necessary to enter the world of work.

Fashion Editor, CLASS EDITORI
Alumna 2015

Starting from what has always been a personal interest, cultivated for years, I arrived at Milano Fashion Institute with the intention of looking at the world of fashion from a new point of view, to know and understand its mechanisms and specificity: to develop in-depth knowledge of one sector as only fashion can be, where business and creativity come together and interact towards a common goal.
And so it was. The six-months spent in the classroom have allowed me to become familiar with a 360° knowledge in fashion, in particular with the communication segment in which I specialized in taking care of team and individual projects, always functional to learn new and useful methods for the future, comparing them with stimulating colleagues and learning as much as I could from a rich faculty both personally and professionally. This Experience allowed me to get what I needed: those tools that could give me an extra key to consciously face the working world.
After six months in-class lectures, is the Internship’s time. My goal was always being to write and communicate fashion: from the beginning of the Master I tried to realize my dream. I then found my way starting the internship within the publishing house Class Editori with MFFashion newspaper, where I currently work after completing the internship.
A true experience across the board, that every day brings me to live the live fashion, constantly stimulating and fueling the passion that has moved me from the beginning.

PR & Marketing Assistant, STELLA Mc CARTNEY
Alumna 2016

From a personal point of view, I would like to underline how this master at MFI has represented a wonderful experience both to improve yourself like a future worker both to improve yourself like a person. I met people from all around the world with different culture, language, background and this is definitely one of the most beautiful part of this experience. I met not just people but real and sincere friends. I am sure that some of them will always be part of my life.
During the last part of the Master you can experience in concrete what you studied in class and this is definitely the most interesting part. Personally I was so lucky because I started as an intern at Stella McCartney Press Office.
Honestly I've learned so much even if sometimes it was hard to manage everything: working in team, working under pressure and taking high responsibilities even if I was just an intern. A perfect starting point in the fashion world.

Press & Pr Assistant, SERGIO ROSSI
Alumna 2016

Getting to know people from all over the world and working with them towards a common goal, was definitely the best part of MFI’S master. I think that sharing and brain storming with people that you’ve just met and that have different backgrounds not only cultural but professional is a challenge. Definitely is the most difficult part, but was also the one that taught me the most.
About the internship experience, it was very different from what I expected, I had the opportunity and if I may say the privilege to make part of the PR office at Sergio Rossi, an Italian Company that produces first quality handmade shoes. It was a full immersion experience right from the beginning. I am working with 5 fantastic tutors that had taught me a lot and help me anytime with any question I have. Team work here flows with lots of harmony thanks to a great organization. So far so good, right now I am really looking forward to Milan’s fashion week and every experience that comes with it!